Friday, October 27, 2006

Would you know, chuck?

Q1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Q2. How many woodchucks would a woodchuck-chucker chuck if a woodchuck-chucker could chuck woodchucks?

Q3. How many woodchuck-chuckers would a woodchuck-chucker-chucker chuck if a woodchuck-chucker-chucker could chuck woodchuck-chuckers?

Q4. How many woodchuck-chucker-chuckers would a woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chucker chuck if a woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chucker could chuck woodchuck-chucker-chuckers?

Q5. How many woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chuckers would a woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chucker-chucker chuck if a woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chucker-chucker could chuck woodchuck-chucker-chucker-chuckers?


Anonymous said...


laurel said...

as many as possible...

Jonathan said...

How much wood would Edward Woodward chuck if Edward Woodward could chuck wood?

Come to that, how many Edward Woodwards would an edwardwoodwardchuck chuck if an edwardwoodwardchuck could chuck Edward Woodwards?

A frightening thought.

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