Monday, July 10, 2006

Space balls

Take a look at Hakan's* space balls!

Complete with weird space-music! (there's a little green play button). Even so, I do like this kind of thing. There's nothing so pure and stunning as a sphere, and some of the spheres out there are beauties. I knew that some were a lot bigger than others (I've seen the numbers), but you don't really see until someone shows you.

Even then, let's be honest, we don't really see. How could we ever. But throw in imagination, wonder and a clear, dark sky and we're getting somewhere.

(*no relation to our friend at

Hello again. It's been a while. I sent my laptop to the hospital in June, and it's come back far, far happier after a few weeks of treatment. So I thought, well, maybe one little blog post to celebrate. Now that everyone's stopped looking.

Keeping the weird music theme going (not to mention balls), I also had this urge to share my silly text interchange of the week.
After looking at the program for the upcoming WOMAD (World Of Music, Arts & Dance) festival:

How about we do our
own Garage Of Noise
And Dance festival?

Yes! and followed by
World Of Music, Biscuits
And Tea

Further suggestions welcome, of course...


Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped looking
And those space balls....... My God, they are quite stunning aren't they? Phew

Jonathan said...

The Earth is a pea.
The Sun is a beachball.
Neptune is a plum.
Jupiter is an orange.
Saturn is .... an orange.

Antares is, uh, really big.

Bob said...

Antares would be half a mile across on the good ol' Earth=pea scale.

And 3 million miles away.

Antares is way down at 16th on this list of big twinklers. Top prize goes to VY Canis Majoris, nearly three times as big. The deep red Garnet Star (6th) is also more than double the size of Antares, and close enough to see even through the mucky air of Brighton.

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